Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of function, occupation and sport specific fitness, regardless of age and ability.

It utilises the principles of Sport and Exercise Sciences by incorporating Physiological and Pathological processes to prepare a participant for training, competition and where applicable, work.

Why Kinesis?

We aim to provide you with everything that you need to recover from pain and injury using proven and evidence based treatments.

We are not just another Injury Clinic, we are proud to do things differently. We bring the best of Manual Therapy, Soft Tissue treatments, taping, exercise and rehabilitation, patient education (a key aspect of recovery), mobility and bodyweight training which can be also based in a gym setting using machine and free weights, functional neurology (brain-based training). We work with you and select what best suits you. Patients love getting Cupping Therapy as part of their treatment sessions.

A Lasting Recovery

We pride ourselves in being honest during our treatment sessions, if we feel that your injury needs further intervention we have a great network of other Therapists which we can refer you to, such as Podiatry to facilitate your recovery. We have found that getting a full biomechanics assessment can elevate treatment outcomes.

We give you the tools required to stay healthy and out of pain, allowing you to carry out everyday tasks or enjoying time spent with family, playing football with the grandchildren.It is not all about the ‘quick fix’, it’s about achieving a lasting recovery

More than just Treatment

Different injuries/ problems require different treatment methods. We provide a tailored management plan unique to you and your needs. There are three common pillars to the treatment care package you receive from us.

Different injuries/ problems require different treatment methods. We provide a tailored management plan unique to you and your needs. There are three common pillars to the treatment care package you receive from us.

Reduce Pain

A combination of manual therapy and soft tissue release can really work wonders. We also use taping methods to create space for recovery through reducing pain and improving movement. Think of treatment intervention as a nudge in the right direction. We are here to facilitate change and recovery!

Improve Movement

Movement is good for you, it is what we were made for. Don’t be scared to move just because you are injured or another healthcare professional told you just to rest and to take painkillers. We encourage movement by any reasonable means necessary; whether it be stretching, strengthening, improving balance or coordination. Our tailor-made approach can get you back to how you were before injury or even better!

Become Injury Free

Getting injured is horrible, you can’t do what you want to do, you pre-empt pain and mentally you start to struggle. We believe discussing your injury to get to the root cause, allows you to understand how it happened and how you can get better, creating the best environment for recovery. If you understand a bit more about your pain, you can really push your chances of recovery; knowing when to go for it, and when to ease into it.

We Believe in your Recovery

We are not put off by a long history of problems or past experiences of treatments you may have received. Some of our patients say to us “it hasn’t helped in the past”, “I’ve been told to live with my limitations”, “you’re getting older, this is just what you have to live with”.


This is 100% not our philosophy. We want you to enjoy life and get on with things you want to do; catching up with friends, walking up the Malvern Hills, spending quality time with the grandchildren, keeping fit and active, most importantly, having a quality of life…

This can happen with our treatment intervention plans, we are optimistic about your chances of recovery, collaborating together allows for a positive lasting impact on how you live your life; with time and commitment we can make a difference!

Manual Therapy

Joint mobilisations of the peripheral joints or vertebral column, is the application of firm but gentle pressure to reduce pain and stiffness.

Manipulation involves "thrust" techniques that often cause joints to crack, resulting in immediate increase of movement and eases pain.

Neural mobilisations involve gentle gliding and tensioning of the nerves, commonly done with a mobilisation. It is effective in treating sciatica and upper limb tensions.

Other methods of treatment include; the mulligan technique combining hands-on therapy with exercise/ movement allowing joints to feel less stiff and move freely!

Functional Manual Therapy

Dry cupping lifts soft tissue, which increases blood flow and reduces muscle tension and pain. Cupping may leave temporary circular marks.

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation (IASTM) enables a therapist to breakdown adhesions within the muscle and fascia, improving range of movement and reducing pain through de-sensitisation.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation

Often clients with soft tissue injuries do not seek physical therapy until the injuries are more chronic. By this time, the body has completed most of its healing causing scar tissue.

 IASTM enables a therapist to breakdown these adhesions and therefore can treat a wide range of pain, mobility and neurological issues by:

Improving and facilitate lymphatic drainage and flow

Stimulating a local inflammatory response to aid a correct healing response

Improving range of movement, strength and pain perception


Kinesiology taping may be used in some cases to provide support, correctional therapy or pain relief. Taping and strapping helps reduce the movement of an injured joint.

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