Injury Consultation

Standard Appointment (60minute) £60

Bespoke assessment tailors your treatment and rehabilitation plan.

Treatment may include; Manual Therapy, Soft Tissue Therapy, Supplementary Therapies (Cupping Therapy, IASTM, Ultrasound/ Interferential, Kinesiotaping etc).

Rehab is sent via email, thanks to our partner platform Rehab Guru.

Therabands may be given in order to complete your rehab. Should you require a mini band loop bundle, this is at an additional cost.

Short Appointment (45minute) £50

Follow up treatment sessions for Patients who have undergone consultation, completed their rehab journey to rectify their injury problems and now need to maintain.

Quick Appointment (15minute) £20

Suitable for application or re-application of kinesiotape for support, correctional therapy or pain relief.


Long Appointment (60minute) £50

Recommended length. Treatment suitable for Patients who need a whole body approach or would like to spend more time on certain areas.

Mid-Length Appointment (45minute) £45

Treatment suitable for Patients who need targeted treatment.

Sports Rehabilitation

1-2-1 sessions done in the clinic or in a gym/ home setting (please ask your gym if we can attend your sessions).

Long Session (60minute) £40

Short Session (40minute) £30


Soft Tissue Therapy a.k.a. Deep Tissue/ Sports Massage Therapy, is not to be stereotyped with needing to be “sporty” to seek this treatment., Treatments aim to improve range of movement and reduce pain for all, no matter your activities/ job/ lifestyle. Session may also include pre- and post-assessment to ensure treatment has positive affect on presented symptoms.


£15 per 20 minutes (pro rota)

Home support for Patients who want to check in with their progress.
A chance to adapt and progress exercises where necessary.


£20 Per Plan

Plans created for a variety of sports and injuries/ conditions i.e. desk workers/ lower back pain sufferers, runners etc.

These are designed to help prevent injury occurring!

NB: Plans have been created using clinical knowledge and therefore sent out without assessment (this constitutes as advice only). For a more bespoke plan, please book an Injury Consultation.

Want coaching through these exercises? Please contact for further information. We can do these in person or via online support, we use telehealth platform

CANCELLATION POLICY: a £20 fee if 24 hours notice is not given or for missed appointments

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